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What is
The MA Guarantee?

The MA Guarantee is an annual subscription-based service available to registered medical practitioners in Ireland. The service offers expert legal representation to all members in their personal capacity, to deal with any complaint made against them to the Medical Council.

The MA Guarantee service is provided to all member doctors from the time they first receive notification of any complaint, up to and including the completion of any formal inquiry held by the Medical Council, whether in private or in a public forum.

Even the most minor complaint, whether it is upheld or not, has the potential to harm or even destroy the good name, reputation and practice of any doctor against whom such a complaint is made. All complaints must be properly handled in a skilful and professional manner and all medical, legal, procedural and communication elements of a complaint correctly managed.

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Professor Martin Corbally

Consultant in Paediatric Surgery

I welcome the initiative by the newly formed Medical Advocates to provide a guarantee of legal representation in the event of a complaint to the Medical Council. This is a great idea and a very welcome development. The provision of legal aid and advice will go a long way to protect doctors against malicious complaints and scapegoating administrations.

Dr Walsh


In truth, I never realised what “discretionary” indemnity cover actually meant until they refused to cover a colleague of mine. It was quite a shock for him. It turned out the “discretion” was all in their interest as they can refuse or withdraw cover to any subscribing doctor at any time. It is reassuring to know that the new Medical Advocates service is designed to guarantee direct legal representation at a very reasonable cost.